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Best Waffle Maker Reviews

Any one of us would be hard-pressed to think of anything more wonderful than the effect freshly made waffles can have on a Sunday morning. After all, who doesn’t love waking up to that trademark smell and then coming downstairs to enjoy one of the most delicious breakfasts in existence with their family? It’s only too bad that waffle breakfasts are considered to be a big production only worth making on special occasions.

Of course, you can go out for waffles, but there’s just something about that that isn’t the same somehow. That’s where taking the time to locate a waffle maker that really fits your needs and takes all the hassle and guesswork out of making waffles in the first place can really pay off. If you landed here by Googling a term like “waffle maker UK” or “waffle maker reviews” looking for information on how to do just that, then congratulations! You’re in the right place. Let’s take a closer look at what your best options will be and why.

The shape of your waffle maker is important.

Although it might seem as if something like the shape of a waffle maker would be inconsequential, it’s important to note that this isn’t the case. There’s actually something to the chosen shape of a waffle maker beyond just appearance. Round waffle makers actually heat up more quickly than other shapes. However, square waffle makers are actually better at distributing heat.

In addition to these two basic shapes, you’ll find that there are various alternatives. For instance, a novelty-shaped Belgian waffle maker might be a good option for impressing guests or to pull out on special occasions. Some waffle makers allow you to make one huge, single waffle, while others create several smaller waffles of various shapes.

Balance your priorities in regards to the perks you want your waffle maker to have with the aesthetic value you want to give to your waffles. If you’re really into making waffles, you might want to invest in more than one waffle maker – for instance, one for typical weekends and one for holidays or special days like birthdays.

Choose a waffle maker with multiple temperature settings and a thermostat.

Another very important thing to consider when purchasing a waffle maker is its ability when it comes to regulating temperature. No one likes burnt, bitter-tasting waffles, but if you don’t take the time to consider temperature settings, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The best waffle maker will come with a built-in smart thermostat that helps keep the cooking temperature even while your waffles are cooking. It will also come with a variety of temperature settings.

This may raise the price of your waffle maker, but in the end, it will be worth it. You’ll save a fortune in frustration and do-overs. The looks on your family members’ faces when they see and smell those amazing, golden waffles will be well worth it as well.

Get a waffle maker with a non-stick surface.

One of the biggest reasons more people don’t make waffles more often is the clean-up involved. That’s why you want to choose a waffle maker that includes a non-stick surface. Instead of scrubbing incessantly and driving yourself up the wall undoing an epic mess after breakfast is over, you could simply wipe your waffle maker’s cooking surface clean with a damp cloth. Wouldn’t that be a welcome change from what you’re used to?

Choose a waffle maker from a reputable brand.

Waffle makers are no different from any other piece of kitchen equipment in the end. You get a much better value when you purchase a good waffle iron from a big brand and a trusted retailer like Amazon.com. The following are some of Amazon’s top rated waffle makers:

  • Krups Waffle Maker
  • Andrew James Waffle Maker
  • Gordan Ramsay Waffle Maker
  • Cuisinart Waffle Maker

Names like these are tops in the culinary business for very good reasons. They come attached to solid track records in regards to customer satisfaction, reliable products, great customer service, and professional-grade quality.

If you and your family not only absolutely love waffles but want to be able to enjoy your favorite breakfast treat at home more often, then a good waffle maker is an absolute must. Check out your options on Amazon today and get cooking!

Andrew James Double Waffle Maker Machine 1300 Watts

Andrew James Waffle Maker 1200 WattsAndrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts, Includes 2 Year Warranty, Non Stick Plates, Variable Temperature Control And 1kg Andrew James Luxury Belgian Style Waffle Mix

  Rating: Andrew James Waffle Maker 1200 Watts Rating

  Price: Click below for Discount

Andrew James

When it comes to having fresh, delicious, homemade waffles cooked up almost instantly there is one brand of home waffle maker that really stands apart from the crowd – I’m talking of course about the Andrew James brand of waffle makers, and the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts in particular. Combining an amazingly powerful cooking device with almost instant on technology in an attractive, modern, and compact design, the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts has really set the bar quite high when it comes to home waffle makers.

If you’re a bit of a waffle lover and have been looking for the perfect way to skip all of the annoyance and hassle of having to go out to eat to get high quality waffles, then the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts was made specifically for you. Combining some of the most recent advances in cooking and heating technology with a very modern and attractive (as well as super easy to clean and maintain) design, the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts is the perfect compliment to any kitchen.

Regardless of the amount of time you have to prepare and eat breakfast in the morning, the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts will definitely give you the kind of jump start your morning needs with a delicious breakfast. Heating up and serving two waffles at a time within two minutes, this is a dream come true for those who are running a tight schedule or have a long or brutal commute (and who doesn’t fall into that category in our modern times?).

Made of commercial grade stainless steel and attractive black plastic accents, the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts is a machine that is built to last. While not priced as high as some of the other commercial grade waffle makers on the market it is also a considerable bargain when you compare them side to side. Capable of putting out two waffles at a time (hence the double waffle moniker), the entire cooking surface is made out of restaurant quality non-stick aluminum. This means you’ll not only get an almost instant on cooking surface with which to prepare your waffles, but the heat will be evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface helping your waffles turn out perfect time after time. This little beauty is the king of consistency – when you fire it up and make waffles, you know you’re going to get the perfect golden brown delicious waffles time after time.

The Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watts makes a perfect gift (even if you’re only going to give it to yourself!), and would be a welcome addition in any home cook or waffle lover’s kitchen. Priced very fairly and delivering a quality product time after time, this is one of the few home waffle makers that have really been embraced by discerning waffle lovers the world over! If you’re in the market for the perfect waffle maker, it would be tough to find one better than the Andrew James Double Waffle Maker 1300 Watt.

Buy Andrew James Waffle Maker 1200 Watts

Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel

Andrew James Waffle Maker 1000 WattsAndrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel, Includes 1kg Andrew James Luxury Belgian Style Waffle Mix

  Rating: Andrew James Waffle Maker 1000 Watts Rating

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Buy Andrew James Waffle Maker 1000 Watts

There is nothing quite like waking up to the smell and taste of freshly home made waffles. The only problem is that it used to take forever to make waffles at home – and even if you had the time (and really, who does in our modern go-go world) there’s a very significant chance that they wouldn’t look, smell, or taste anything like the one’s you’re able to get when you go out to eat. That’s because until very recently home waffle machines were cheap knock offs and poor imitations of the incredible technology available to commercial cooks – but no longer. Now with the Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel you’re able to not only have perfect restaurant quality waffles in your home without the cost and aggravation of going out but you’re also able to do it quickly and with little preparation and clean up.

Modern Attractive Design

The Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel isn’t the kind of waffle maker you’d get as a wedding gift from distant relatives you barely know – this is a beautiful, modern designed waffle maker that will fit in perfectly with just about any decor. Made in an attractive design palate of stainless polished metal and sleek black plastic, you’re getting much more than a pretty face as well. Hiding under this attractive veneer is a commercial level waffle maker, jam packed with all kinds of modern technology to make sure you get perfect waffles every time.

Die Cast Aluminium Construction

Unlike cheaper models that are available for residential use, the Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel uses only die cast Aluminium for the actual cooking surface of its waffle maker. This means that your waffles will be cooked using the same type of material that many high end restaurants and commercial kitchens use to great effect – elevating the quality of your waffles without you having to do a single thing! The surface is completely non stick, easy to clean and maintain, and heats the entire surface quickly and evenly. You’ll have absolutely smashing waffles any morning that you like with a consistency that you could never hope to attain without the assistance of the Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker.

Powerful but very compact

The Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel runs off a powerful 700 watt power plant – meaning you’ll have access to an almost instant ready cooking surface. This means you’ll be able to whip up a fantastic breakfast in no time at all, and you’ll even be able to enjoy fresh, high quality waffles on even your busiest days. There are super easy to spot indicator lights to verify where the power is on and if the surface is ready for waffle batter, and the Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel even has built in overheating protection technology so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally breaking your machine.

All in all the Andrew James Luxury Double Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel is a fantastic device, and no self respecting waffle lover should have a kitchen that isn’t equipped with one!

Buy Andrew James Waffle Maker 1000 Watts

Andrew James 1250 Watt Professional Quality Electric Crepe Maker Includes Batter Spreader , Wooden Spatula, Oil Brush and Ladle

Andrew James Electric Crepe MakerAndrew James 1250 Watt Professional Quality Electric Crepe Maker Includes Batter Spreader, Wooden Spatula, Oil Brush and Ladle

  Rating: Andrew James Electric Crepe Maker Rating

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Buy Andrew James Electric Crepe Maker

The festive season is around the corner and making something delicious for family and friends is always on the mind. No matter how hard you try, you cannot leave tasty crepes away from the list. However, we all know that making crepes is a little difficult without a good crepe maker. There are quite a few options available in the market and one of the most sought after ones is Andrew James 1250 Watt Professional Quality Electric Crepe Maker.

  • Saves Money

The Andrew James 1250 Watt Professional Quality Electric Crepe Maker certainly helps in saving a lot of your hard earned money as it comes along a wooden spatula, oil brush, batter spreader, recipe book and ladles. Due to this customer do not need to buy all these separately.

  • Makes Big Crepe

This crepe maker has a cooking surface of diameter 33 cm that allows customers to make big crepe. Because of this feature customers do not need to make crepes for friends again and again. A big one is enough in most cases.

  • Non-Stick Plates

The product is made up of non sticky cooking plates that saves the crepe from getting burnt. This feature helps in retaining the good taste, and allows users to enjoy each and every part of the delicious crepe.

  • Control Temperature

The product has variable temperature control feature that allow users to fix the temperature according to the needs.

We can say that the product is really very effective. The helpful features ensures that the shape and taste is returned. Certainly a must buy for your kitchen.

Buy Andrew James Electric Crepe Maker

Cuisinart Waffle Maker, 1000W

  Cuisinart Waffle Maker 1000WCuisinart Waffle Maker, 1000W

  Rating: Cuisinart Waffle Maker 1000W Rating

  Price: Click below for Discount

Buy Cuisinart Waffle Maker 1000W

While traditional style of making waffles stood ground for many years, it is not able to provide the desired shape and taste every time. This lead to coming up of a number of electronic devices for the purpose. One of the products is Cuisinart Waffle Maker, 1000W that has created a soft of wave because of its effectiveness.

  • Large Non Stick Plates

The product has extra-large plates that assist in easy removal and allows users to prepare more waffles.

  • Fast Heat up

The non stick plate of the products allows fast heat up due to which users get their crispy waffles in a few minutes.

  • Endless Possibilities

Cuisinart Waffle Maker, 1000W has endless possibilities that simply means you can make sweet to savory waffles easily. Users will get the brown crispy waffles in just a few minutes.

  • Non-Stick

This waffle maker does not allows waffle to stick because of its non stick plates that are easy to clean and fast to heat up. The product has removable plates. It has commercial grade stainless steel housing with a brushed finish.

  • Easy to Clean And Store

This waffle maker is very easy to clean and store. It can be cleaned easily with a wet paper towel. When it comes to storage, the product is small in size, and can be positioned upright due to, which it does not require much space to store.

  • Five Year Guarantee

The product comes along with a five year warranty period, which makes it safe to buy.

  • Dishwasher Safe

The removable plates of the products are dishwasher safe, and can be store easily.

After a couple of months of testing, we can safely say that Cuisinart Waffle Maker is a great product that assists users in making brown and crispy waffles. It numerous useful features such as dishwasher safe plates, fast heat up, easy to use and clean among others attract many customers towards it.

Buy Cuisinart Waffle Maker 1000W

Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2

  Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2

  Rating: Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2 Rating

  Price: Click below for Discount

Andrew James

There are waffle makers, and then there are Krups waffle makers. The German based Krups company may be best known for their incredibly user friendly (and amazingly convenient, efficient, and effective) coffee machines, but there waffle makers are certainly nothing to forget about. Built with the same kinds of exactly standards and high quality components you’d expect to find in a German consumer technology company know for it’s amazingly durable and long lasting kitchen appliances – the Krups Expert Waffer Maker FDK2 is not only capable of making restaurant quality waffles right in your home kitchen, but it will do so easily and conveniently for years and years to come.

Maybe they didn’t originate the 4 minute waffle maker, but the folks at Krups have sure perfected it. With it’s incredible compact and super sleek build (made out of some the world’s finest stainless steel and commercial grade plastics) the Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2 fits just about anywhere for easy accessibility and storage. The Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2 feels very, very solid and well built (par for the course with most German products) and at least appears like it could be eventually passed down as an heirloom – the build quality is just that solid. A couple of other waffle makers on the market make the same kind of speed of cooking claims as the Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2, but none can come close to the sturdy build and design. And if you’ve been doing research for the perfect waffle maker for any amount of time, you know that shoddy construction is one of the biggest concerns for consumers.

The cooking element is a high commercial grade aluminum that’s coated with a very long lasting synthetic that makes it completely non stick. This is great news for people looking to go from appliance to plate as quickly and as cleanly as possible, as well as anyone who’s had to spend time scrubbing baked on and stuck debris from lower level waffle machines. Super energy efficient, the Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2 is also very user efficient – you’ll only find two buttons and a display screen on the entire device, making cooking and preparing the perfect waffles as easy as possible for even the most inexperienced cooks.

All of the waffles that you prepare in your new Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2 will come sliding out of the machine with very little effort, and in completely consistent and uniform dimensions. The ingredient well on the cooking plates will assure that you have just enough batter applied to make the most delicious waffles without a bit of mess or excess – critically important if you have little ones who like to help with making breakfast.

You can tell that the people at Krups have spent a considerable amount of time on the design and function of the Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2. This is evident with the always cool to the touch cooking handle. No matter how hot the device gets while cooking waffles, you’ll never have to reach into the cupboard to get your oven gloves out. Especially helpful around the little ones, this is one of the details that Krups has paid attention to making certain that you have the best waffle maker money can buy!

Buy Krups Expert Waffle Maker FDK2

Belgian Waffle Maker with 1kg Luxury Belgian Waffle Mix

Belgian waffle makerBelgian Waffle Maker with 1kg Luxury Belgian Waffle Mix

  Rating: Belgian waffle maker rating

  Price: Click below for Discount

Buy Belgian waffle maker

While not exactly a household name, this Belgian Waffle Maker is one of the best in its class, and a real gem when it comes to making absolutely delicious light and golden crisp Belgian style waffles. If you’ve ever tried to make waffles on your own in an oven (or even with some of the Waffle Maker’s competition) you’ve no doubt come to learn just how hard it can be – but forget all of those negative experiences. This easy to use Waffle Maker complete with 1kg Belgian Waffle Mix will help you make amazingly restaurant quality waffles in the comfort of your own home.

Built out of solid materials in stainless steel, commercial aluminum and industrial plastics, the Belgian Waffle Maker with compact design feels very solid in the hands and appears to have an incredibly high build standard. With many of the other offerings in the home waffle maker space you can come across appliances that don’t seem as well built, and invariably the cheaper one’s almost always fail faster. When you pick up the Waffle Maker you just know that it’s going to last a long time, and should give you many years of perfectly prepared waffles with absolutely no headache.

If you’ve never prepared waffles from scratch at home before, the task can seem somewhat daunting. After all, these are incredibly delicate little meals, almost appearing to be baked – and we’ve all no doubt heard how hard it is to master the art of baking. Luckily for you all of those worries and apprehensions can float away the second you unbox your new Belgian Waffle Maker. All you’ll need to do is prepare a quick and simple batter (Easy to use waffle mix included!), plug in your Waffle Maker and then wait for the indicator light to register that the machine is up to temperature. Then apply your batter to the completely non stick restaurant grade aluminum waffle surface, wait four minutes (yes, just four minutes) and then you’ll have perfectly prepared deliciously light waffles ready to be eaten!

Perfect for people who love to entertain, have small children who love to help preparing meals, or just people who absolutely adore high quality waffles, this Belgian Waffle Maker is a perfect compliment to just about any kitchen. Because of the incredible speed with which you’ll be able to prepare your new meals you’ll even be able begin to fit breakfast into even the most hectic of schedules – which can be a big boost to your health and lifestyle. All in all the Belgian Waffle Maker is an incredible value buy at its price point, and though it doesn’t have the big time brand name to stake its reputation upon reviewers have been crying its virtues for some time now. If you’re looking for the absolute perfect tool for preparing the very best, most consistent waffles in under 5 minutes, it would be tough to recommend anything other than the Belgian Waffle Maker.

Buy Belgian waffle maker

VonShef Quad Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel

VonShef Quad Waffle Maker 1200 WattVonShef Quad Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steel

  Rating: VonShef Quad Waffle Maker 1200 Watt Rating

  Price: Click below for Discount

Buy VonShef Quad Waffle Maker 1200 Watt

Most around the globe are always on the lookout for a delicious breakfast that is also healthy. Healthy and delicious waffles can act as a great solution and with several waffle makers available in the market, this certainly seems possible.

The advantages are many when it comes to waffle making using VonShef Quad Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steels. Here are the details.

  • Easy to Use

It is very easy to use this product for making crispy waffles. Customers just need to mix all the ingredients, pour into the wide plates of the machine, close the lid and wait for just two to five minutes to get crispy waffles.

  • Non Stick

The product is made up of stainless steel because of which your waffles come out with ease. This allows customers to enjoy each part of their waffles and there is no mess as well. The handy pilot light helps users in knowing whether the waffles are ready or not. It also saves waffles from getting burned.

  • Easy to Clean

It is very easy to clean this product. The material used as well as the design has a lot to do with the same. The cleaning can be taken care of in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Cooks four Waffles at a Time

VonShef Quad Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker in Stainless Steels can easily make for different waffles at a time because of its large stainless steel plates.

  • Pilot Light

The product has Pilot light that indicates the waffle maker is heating. It also assists in knowing that the waffles are ready or not.

  • Cool Touch Handle

The product has a cool touch handle using, which you can easily open the lid without any worry about getting a burn.

If you are in the market looking for a product that can help you make waffles in no time, while ensuring the quality and taste, this is the product for you. With so many advantages and a price tag that would certainly not burn a hole in your pocket, you certainly cannot go wrong with this one.

Buy VonShef Quad Waffle Maker 1200 Watt